5 months ago

Amtrak Offers Customer Satisfaction Program

Amtrak introduced a new logo and a new commitment to customer satisfaction today, promising to compensate riders unhappy with their experience on America's national railway.

Amtrak passengers who believe they did not receive a safe, comfort read more...

5 months ago

Amazon Employees Respond to Scathing Article About Work Culture

Some Amazon employees are coming to the defense of the e-commerce giant after some of the company's alleged practices have come to light in a news article.

"I've read many articles that describe us," Amazon employee Nick Ciubotariu wrote on read more...

6 months ago

Nurse Allegedly Used Same Needle on Patients for Two Months

More than 50 cancer patients will have to wait an agonizing three months to find out whether they have been infected with HIV, after a New South Wales clinic used one read more...

6 months ago

Get Personal to Close the Customer Experience Gap

Over the past few years, there's been a tremendous shift in the marketing world. Consumers are more educated than ever before getting to the purchase stage thanks to multiple access points that provide not only information but serve as an outlet f read more...

8 months ago

Brand Marketing vs. Customer Experience

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8 months ago

Forrester Research Inc (FORR.O) Company Profile

Forrester Research, Inc. (Forrester), incorporated on February 16, 1996, is a global independent research, data, and advisory services firm. The Company offers research, data, advisory and related services that are thematic, prescriptive, and exec read more...

8 months ago

The Real Cost of Bad Customer Service

Waiting too long to be served at a restaurant, rudeness over the phone, inability to listen properly, not providing adequate information and unfriendliness: these are a few of my pet peeves when it comes to customer service. More often than not, I read more...